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IETA – ICAP Carbon Markets Virtual Pavilion


November 11, 2020

11:15 AM CET

~Event Has Ended~

Thank you for joining us for a virtual carbon trading contest.  Our event will be fun and should give you a sense for how easy it can be to trade carbon offsets. 

Here are a few notes for the day:

  1. Please join our Zoom Call. The link will be distributed to participants before the event.

  2. When you register, we will create an account for you on:
    Please be aware that your name will not be shared publicly, but if you win, your Trading Account Name (Badge) will be shared with this group, so when you register, please select a user name which will not disclose any of your private information.

  3. We will do a quick introduction and tutorial at 11:15 am (CET) and the market will open for trading at 11:30 am (CET) and will remain open for the contest for 30 minutes. At 12:00 pm (CET), we will select a winner.

  4. During the event, we will have two products available for trade: AirCarbon CORSIA Eligible Tokens (CET) and AirCarbon American Nature Tokens (ANT). For details on the assets underlying these two products check the AirCarbon website.

  5. Throughout the event, we will be posting fictitious news posts in the Zoom chat, they will help you have a sense for where the price trends for the two tokens are headed.

  6. During the event and immediately after, you can check who is in the lead and who are the winners through the Event Leaderboard.

  7. Please note, the trading platform requires Chrome, you will not be able to participate with Safari, Firefox or MS Edge.

Let’s have some fun and help the environment!

Below contains details of the Event and Prizes:




AirCarbon is pleased to invite carbon market traders and specialists to an interactive carbon trading event. While social in nature, the event looks to derive a central price for CORSIA and Nature-based carbon as well as mitigate carbon emissions by donating virtual trade commissions toward the deployment of cookstoves in Malawi.

November 11th, 2020

11:15 am to 12:15 CET 

(6:15 pm to 7:15 pm SGT)

5:15 AM to 6:15 AM EST


Each trader will start the trading session with the following virtual portfolio


50,000 AirCarbon CORSIA Eligble Tokens – CET  (50,000 tCo2)
Every CET is backed by a Phase One - CORSIA eligible carbon credit.

50,000 AirCarbon American Nature Tokens – ANT (50,000 tCo2)
Every ANT is backed by a carbon credits generated by nature-based project.

Details provided here.

Traders can buy and sell CETs and ANTs freely on the exchange. Traders are reminded that competing traders are market savvy and enter the trading system with a predetermined idea of where these markets will trade.

The WINNER will be the trader that ends the session with the highest NAV (Cash + CET + ANT).

The winner will receive an Apple Watch Series 6

Procedures & Rules:

  1. In order to qualify for prizes, traders must actively trade a minimum of 10 times and remain online for at least 20 minutes of the trading session.

  2. Before the event, Traders will be receive a virtual account on the AirCarbon platform. Please be creative with your trading name but please keep it PG.

  3. Accounts are personal and not linked to any company. The platform is anonymous and other participants will only be privy to your trading name, if at all.

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