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GLOBAL NATURE Token (“GNT”) introduced by Singapore-based AirCarbon Pte Ltd on ACX - The world’s first fully digital carbon exchange.



Updated: 07 May 2021

  • ACX is the world’s first fully digital exchange for environmental products and voluntary carbon offsets.

  • GNTs are backed by carbon credits generated by nature-based Projects with vintages from 2012.

  • Real-Time Trading & Streamlined Settlement.

  • Lowest fees in the market.

  • Traditional commodities architecture for the carbon markets is the hallmark of the ACX value proposition.


AirCarbon Exchange (“ACX”) launched the Global Nature Token (GNT) on April 16th, 2021. The contract is backed by an equivalent ton of carbon emission reductions generated by nature-based projects that have been verified and issued by internationally recognized verification standards.


The GNT will provide a benchmark price for voluntary carbon credits generated from projects in the Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use (“AFOLU”) sector. Nature-based projects are projects that promote forest, grassland and wetland stewardship to protect and restore nature. These projects remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere through the absorption and storage of carbon.


Himpanzee Pte Ltd is the first project developer to commit to listing their forestry credits under the new market standard. The company has developed REDD+ projects such as the North Pikounda REDD+ project with Olam among others. Dorjee Sun, its Founder added, “We are excited to be a part of this new chapter in carbon market development.  By standardizing credits along market demand, we can increase our speed to market and reduce unnecessary friction.”


Bill Pazos, COO and Co-Founder of ACX said, “The AFOLU sector is the main driver of carbon mitigation in the medium term.  We are glad to work with Himpanzee to launch this innovative market instrument.”

About AirCarbon Exchange

AirCarbon Exchange ("AirCarbon") is a Singapore-based Commodities Exchange that brings traditional commodities trading infrastructure in the form of a central order book to the carbon markets. AirCarbon also leverages distributed ledger technology to reduce latency and cost associated with clearing and settlement while simultaneously increasing transparency. AirCarbon integrates with technologies across the commodities trading industry to attach Carbon Offsets to trades allowing any commodity to be quickly carbon neutral.

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Sun Jie-Ling

AirCarbon Pte Ltd

Tel: +65 8168 4248


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