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AirCarbon Exchange

The Exchange is a central marketplace for carbon credits.


The Exchange has a traditional trading architecture and uses distributed ledger technology to securitize carbon credits into digital receipts representing a clear line of ownership between the carbon credits held in the Trust.

Like in traditional commodity exchanges, owners of the contracts can request physical delivery of the underlying carbon credits.


Why Distributed


Blockchain allows for an open, transparent, and liquid asset that reduces friction, and ultimately decentralizes the system to provide a truly distributed and borderless solution for commodities trading and asset value creation. Blockchain technology can provide the right foundation to create an efficient and 100% digital platform that enables trading and settlement of commodities globally and instantly.

Because the AirCarbon Exchange is blockchain-based, it has allowed us to create a hybrid, decentralized platform, which mirrors commodity markets. The use of blockchain simplifies and automates the laborious manual processes that are usually involved with OTC carbon trading. The Smart Contract implemented makes it easy for users to trade and settle with a clear and immutable record on our system. ACX represents the commodities market of the future where commodities and collateral can be securitized, creating an entirely new approach to securitized token trade.

The ACX Contract is the easiest and most streamlined instrument for the trading of carbon credits.

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