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AirCarbon CORSIA Fund​:  


The AirCarbon Fund (“TAF”) invests in carbon mitigating projects which will generate CORSIA compliant carbon offsets.  TAF looks to maximize carbon offset generation while maintaining a diversified portfolio across geographies, technologies and underlying methodologies.


Airlines looking to prepare for CORSIA will secure a steady flow of carbon offsets at “cost”.  The benefits to airlines extends beyond price. The Manager will ensure that investments are continuously monitored, selected to reduce overall portfolio risk and comply with CORSIA requirements.

Impact investors will benefit from a fund entirely focused on generating revenue from the creation of tradable carbon offsets.  By definition, maximizing carbon offsets implies finding projects where the investment generates the highest possible benefit to the environment.

Manager: Infratech Capital LLC (see:

Target Return: 10-12% IRR

AirCarbon Registration Fund:

AirCarbon’s Registration Facility allows carbon mitigation projects to draw down funds to cover the following activities:


  • Consultant Fees

  • Registration Fees

  • Issuance Fees

  • Audit Fees

Funds extended to projects are in the form of a grant and are non-dilutive.

In exchange for receiving grant funding, project owners must commit to list and transact their projects on the AirCarbon Exchange.

Manager: Infratech Capital LLC (see:

Target Return: 5% IRR


Risk warning: Trading leveraged products can result in losses that exceed your deposits. Ensure you understand the risks. Read full Risk Disclosure.

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