Aiding airlines in adapting to new regulation schemes

AirCarbon Exchange is set up to cater to airline requirements under the new CORSIA regime. Within the Exchange, Airlines will be assured of easy access to de-risked CORSIA compliant credits.


Competing exchanges offer preselected carbon credits from a myriad of projects.  At AirCarbon we take this a step further.

AirCarbon securitizes CORSIA eligible carbon credits into one tradable asset that focuses the market to a benchmark price.

Airlines no longer have to chose between projects and prices.

As the CORSIA compliance period approaches, the purchase of carbon offsets is likely to be be moving from a voluntary action managed by marketing departments to a substantially larger liability for airlines mandated due to CORSIA regulations. This is likely to mean that responsibility offset purchases will no longer be in the marketing department, but rather handled by treasury where jet fuel is bought and hedged. Additionally, the compliance and finance departments of airlines are going to have to work together to handle purchases and ensure they meet regulatory requirements.

Unfortunately, many airlines are likely to be caught unprepared due to the deep interest and quick money from hedge funds looking to pre-buy CORSIA compliant credits in the years leading up to 2026.

Why AirCarbon Exchange?

AirCarbon offers all the benefits of exchange settlement; Credit Enhancement, Liquidity and Transparent Pricing.


As Members of the Exchange Airlines will receive physical delivery at no cost. This will allow the Airlines to trade EEUs during CORSIA phases and pay for physical delivery when required.


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Risk warning: Trading leveraged products can result in losses that exceed your deposits. Ensure you understand the risks. Read full Risk Disclosure.

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