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TradeFlow Capital Management Leads Global Trade Financing Industry with Launch of Climate Impact Strategy

Partners with AirCarbon to offset millions of tons of carbon dioxide whilst enabling global trade

December 07, 2020, SINGAPORE

Capital Management (TradeFlow), the innovative FinTech powered fund manager headquartered in Singapore, has launched its Climate Impact Strategy (CIS) unique within the Commodity Trade Financing Industry that has the potential of offsetting millions of tons of CO2 carbon emissions whilst fulfilling its business mission of supporting SMEs globally by enabling their physical commodity import/export transactions.

As part of its wider Climate Impact Strategy, TradeFlow offsets the Carbon emissions generated by the transportation of the International Commodity transactions it enables; these carbon offset targets are achieved through partners such as Foundation and AirCarbon Exchange.

"We are grateful for the support of TradeFlow for our work in combating climate change through supporting our carbon offset projects. Crucially, this allows our foundation to protect local forest communities, preserving not just biological but also cultural diversity. We are at a crucial moment for the protection of the Amazonian Basin, an area which is at great risk from large-scale deforestation that will worsen climate impact," explains Eric Carlson, President of Foundation.

“AirCarbon’s securitization of carbon into tradable securities allows TradeFlow to seamlessly attach carbon offsets to commodities in their supply chain. Offsetting the carbon footprint of commodities with ACX instruments, enables TradeFlow to demonstrate absolute transparency to market participants. More importantly, carbon becomes a tradable instrument attached to traditional contracts like LNG. Liquidity and low fees within a traditional exchange framework means TradeFlow can look at carbon holistically as a leverageable asset on their balance sheet.” says William Pazos, Co-Founder and COO of AirCarbon Exchange.

Says Tom James, CEO of TradeFlow: “We strongly believe in using FinTech-based market mechanisms to combat climate change, and are privileged that our unique trade funding model and tech platform allows us to do so. We hope our initiatives encourage more firms to innovate in ways that allow sustainable investment returns, whilst being able to support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.”

“Mitigating climate change can improve the lives and livelihoods of millions as well as support the long-term development of the Global Commodities industry. TradeFlow believes that working with strategic partners is the best way for us to contribute towards a more sustainable future for our industry and for humanity, and to reverse the harmful effects of climate change.” emphasises John Collis, CLO of TradeFlow

For enquiries, please contact:
Tom Herman
VP Business Development
E: | M: +1 917-532-5537

About TradeFlow Capital Management
TradeFlow Capital Management (TradeFlow) is the world’s first Fintech-powered commodities trade enabler focused on SMEs. TradeFlow consists of a diverse team of experts with a focused mission of addressing the increasing trade finance gap faced by global SMEs operating as producers/traders/end-users in the bulk commodity trading space. By performing an enabling role in international trade and globalization, TradeFlow creates growth opportunities for businesses and economies. In December 2020, TradeFlow launched its Climate Impact Strategy (CIS) leveraging on its unique trade funding model that allows it to meet Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) objectives that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The TradeFlow Funds, advised by TradeFlow, were conceived in 2016 and launched in 2018. TCM is a FinTech Certified Company (SFA), a Corporate Member of the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA), and a Member of the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA).


About Foundation Foundation is a leading carbon reduction and offset organization, making it easy and affordable for individuals, businesses and organizations to reduce their climate impact. This is done through carbon offsets that enable anyone to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in their everyday lives by supporting high-quality verified renewable energy, energy efficiency and forestry projects. has worked with over 750,000 individual supporters and 2,000 business and non-profit partners, together funding 185 carbon reduction and tree-planting projects across 40 states and 20 countries.

A key Foundation project is the Envira Amazonia Project, protecting and conserving nearly 500,000 acres of tropical forests and in so doing, mitigates millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions. This project provides payments for ecosystem services through a plan known as Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) and is verified to the industry's leading standards, these being Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Climate, Community, and Biodiversity (CCB). The Envira Amazonia Project is one of the largest REDD+ projects in the world and is one of only a handful of forestry projects to be validated and verified with Triple Gold Distinction for exceptional climate, community and biodiversity benefits.

Media Contact:
Jarett Emert | E:

About AirCarbon Exchange
AirCarbon Exchange (AirCarbon) is a Singapore-based Commodities Exchange that brings traditional commodities trading infrastructure in the form of a central order book to the carbon markets. AirCarbon also leverages distributed ledger technology to reduce latency and cost associated with clearing and settlement while simultaneously increasing transparency. AirCarbon integrates with technologies across the commodities trading industry to attach Carbon Offsets to trades allowing any commodity to be quickly carbon neutral.

Media Contact:
E: | P: +65 8168 4248

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