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Carbon Project Developers

Project Developers are an integral partner of the AirCarbon Exchange

Carbon Project Developers are the natural sellers of carbon credits. Their projects mitigate carbon emissions over and above business as usual in areas as diverse as renewable energy, carbon sequestration through forestry, industrial gas capture and others. Today the marketplace for the sale of carbon offsets is highly fragmented and inefficient for project developers. AirCarbon is committed to helping carbon projects in the following ways:

  • By making it quicker, easier, and more transparent to sell carbon offsets on the open market and get the best price possible

  • By charging the lowest trade commissions in the industry, at USD3/1,000 tCO2e (less than 1% of a transaction),  compared to the industry standard pricing of between 10% and 20%


AirCarbon pays a portion of the Exchange's trading commissions to the developer every time their carbon credits change hands.

Listing and transacting credits on the AirCarbon Exchange offers project developers a unique upside beyond the financial return from the initial sale of their credits. When tokens backed by their carbon credits are bought and sold on the Exchange, the project developer will continue to get a percentage of the ongoing trading fees. These ongoing trading fees are tracked by AirCarbon's unique use of Blockchain technology to tag each credit listed on the exchange to the developer who uploaded the credit.  

Why join the AirCarbon Exchange?

AirCarbon offers all the benefits of exchange settlement; Credit Enhancement, Liquidity, and Transparent Pricing.

Low Commission Fee.

Set at USD3/1,000 tCO2e, AirCarbon Exchange has one of the lowest commission fees.

Earn a tail whenever your carbon credit is traded on the Exchange. Other than the first time your carbon credit is sold on the Exchange, every time the token backed by your carbon credit is traded, you will earn a percentage of the trade fees.

Futures Trading.

AirCarbon Exchange will be launching a Futures Carbon Market in 2021


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