Exchange Tradable Assets

AirCarbon applies traditional commodity exchange architecture to carbon credits. Traditional commodities (e.g.: corn, soybeans and crude oil) trade digital receipts representing commodities held in a warehouse. These warehouses are organized around predefined specifications.

Similarly, we currently securitize carbon credits into tradable carbon asset classes. We organize credits around the markets they serve. Carbon credits held by the exchange are held in a Trust. For every credit deposited into the Trust, a corresponding one ton Token, as defined below, resides on the Exchange.


AirCarbon CORSIA Eligible Tokens (CET):

Every CET is backed by a corresponding carbon credit eligible under ICAO’s (“International Civil Aviation Organization”) Carbon Offset & Reductions Scheme for International Aviation (“CORSIA”).


Contract Specifications:

  • Denominations: 1 tCO2e

  • Contract Size:1000 tCO2e - (1 Contract = 1000 tCO2e)



AirCarbon Global Nature Token (GNT):

Every GNT is backed by a corresponding carbon credit registered under VCS under methodologies encompassing SECTORAL SCOPE 14 covering the following types of activities:

  • Wetlands

  • Grasslands

  • Forestry

  • Agriculture


AirCarbon ESG Token:

Each AirCarbon ESG Token is backed by a carbon credit issued by an internationally recognized carbon crediting standard and accompanied by additional certifications for co-benefits. Suitable for buyers, such as corporates with high ESG related targets.


AirCarbon Renewable Energy Token (RET):

Every RET is backed by a corresponding carbon credit generated from renewable energy projects that have been verified and issued under VCS under methodologies encompassing the following SECTORAL SCOPEs:

  • Energy (renewable/non-renewable)

  • Energy Distribution

  • Energy Demand

Verification Process:

​AirCarbon has engaged British Standards Institution (BSI), a pioneer in system certifications and ISO training, to perform Token & Carbon Credit Verification. The Token & Carbon Credit Verification Process provides confidence to clients that the reported information and associated characteristics of a carbon credit are a faithful, true and fair account of the carbon credits in question and that they conform to the token specifications from AirCarbon.

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