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AirCarbon applies traditional commodity exchange architecture to carbon credits.  Traditional commodities (e.g.: corn, soybeans and crude oil) trade digital receipts representing commodities held in a warehouse. These warehouses are organized around predefined specs.

Similarly, we currently securitize carbon credits into 3 tradable carbon asset classes. We organize credits around the markets they serve. Carbon credits held by the exchange are held in a Trust. For every credit deposited into the Trust, a corresponding one ton Token (ACCT/ACFT/ACPT), as defined below, resides on the Exchange.

AirCarbon CORSIA Tokens (ACCT):

Each ACCT is backed by 1tCO2 carbon credit eligible under CORSIA.

AirCarbon Forestry Token (ACFT):

Each ACFT is backed by 1tCO2 carbon credit created by nature based carbon projects.  Eligible credits satisfy all of the following conditions:

1) Carbon Credits are issued by under VCS/ Gold Standard/...

2) Credits were issued on or after 2018.

3) The start date of the underlying carbon project is on or after 2016.

4) Emerging markets

AirCarbon Premium Token (ACPT):

All carbon credits backing the ACPT have the following charateristics:

1) Satisfy stringent additionally criteria.

2) Satisfy at least 4 UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Risk warning: Trading leveraged products can result in losses that exceed your deposits. Ensure you understand the risks. Read full Risk Disclosure.

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