Financial Clients

ACX's contracts offer superior liquidity, the industry's lowest commissions, price transparency, and the added benefit of blockchain traceability ensuring every tonne of carbon traded on the exchange is immutably linked to the original project, avoiding double-counting.

AirCarbon Tokens have many uses: to diversify a portfolio, to help protect the environment, and to meet regulatory requirements of various industries including aviation, power production, shipping and more.

AirCarbon Tokens make it easy to take part in today’s carbon markets, which can be very responsive to world events -- delivering opportunities in nearly all market conditions.


With ACX, you can trade CORSIA compliant Carbon Offsets (AirCarbon CORSIA Eligible Tokens), Forestry Carbon Offsets (AirCarbon Global Nature Token) and many others.

*Tokens are digital receipts representing the carbon credits held on trust

Why trade on the AirCarbon Exchange?

Rapid Settlement

Singapore Tax Environment

Low Commission Fee.

Carbon brokerage fees are north of 10% and often 50% or more. This is because carbon markets are not transparent. At AirCarbon, our spot exchange fees are only USD5/1,000tCO2e.

Highly Liquid.

As a single traded “receipt” with a price on a regulated exchange, the assets gain an unprecedented level of liquidity.

Nearly 24-hour Electronic Access.

The operating hours of the Exchange are from 8am (SGT) to 4am (SGT). Clients are hence able to manage positions as global news and events that impact prices unfold.


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