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We are a Traditional Commodities Exchange.

ACX brings traditional commodities trading infrastructure to the carbon markets. This means we offer LOW FEES, EFFICIENT TRADING, SETTLEMENT RISK MITIGATION AND TRANSPARENT PRICING.


ACX is a Global Carbon Exchange using distributed ledger technology on a traditional trading architecture. It leverages blockchain architecture to create securitized carbon credits.

We make Carbon Trading Frictionless.

Today's carbon markets are organized around projects. The UN's CDM registry alone, has 7823 registered projects. Each project has a distinct methodology, country of origin, date of issuance, etc...


ACX securitizes carbon credits around market demand. This allows traders to gain exposure to an asset class as opposed to individual projects.  Every contract (eg CET, GNT, GNT+) is backed by a 1 tCO2e carbon credit that sits in the Exchange's Trust.

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We Do Not Compete with Carbon Market Participants.

ACX is a platform.  We do not broker trades. We do not offer consulting services to projects. We simply streamline carbon trading around markets.


ACX is proud to have the support of Enterprise Singapore, the Singapore Government Agency championing enterprise development, as a recipient of the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG). ACX is also supported by the following entities:

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ACX is a proud member of:

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